Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Challenge: Oct. 5-Nov. 10 2012

There have been some very insane book projects during my time with Books for Breakfast. Mainly, the first year would be an excellent example of nearly losing my head inside too many pages of divorces and adulterers.

I have spent years devoted to challenged books, banned books, and "top books." Now, I am going to fill in the blanks and look toward the future of literature: post-papel literature. The first embers of a dying publishing industries are beginning to glow, my friends, and we are watching it happen. Therefore, I want to see new means in publishing, PDF files or nook contributions, as well as books.

300 Spartans to battle? Pu-shaw! In the span of 395 days (give or take - my master's is in English, not math), I will read 300 books, occasionally assisted by Books for Breakfast Teen with "sick" milkshake recipes.

In fact, I will not just read 300 books. I will aim for 350 books, and I will finish one novel for online print, as well as write another novel to set free for its unknown purpose.

Crazy? Snarky? You have no idea.

Here's to you, darlin' readers...

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