Saturday, September 10, 2011

Authors, readers, lend me your ears (eyes)!

Books for Breakfast - Book Reviews with a Twist, is undergoing a major revamp for an October 1 launch (beta). This is to prepare for the crazy, knock your olive out of the martini announcement on November 10, 2011.

You think you have read snark? Oh, no, my friends.

You think you have read descriptions of books thrown across the room? Well, perhaps that will be limited more...

Because I want new/old/published e-books, ARCs, and suggestions from readers. Loan a .pdf of your book to my nook. Email me about your recent publication. Tell me about the book that held you riveted on the flight home from Japan.


1. Email Kristin Dodge at booksforbreakfastblog at gmail dot com.

2. If you spam me, I will hunt you down and kill you by reading Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus using my George W. voice.

3. Know this blog. Know that I do not do interviews unless I am Lady Ga-Ga over an author or book. Know that I like to give away free books to my readers. Know other things about me than I am a reviewer who may or may not read your material based on how well you know this blog persona.

I am not afraid to quiz you over email, either.

4. I do not accept very few things. However, find a similar book that I have read to get a better shot. For example, if you have vampire poetry, you could refer to how much I despise Twilight and it inspired you (see, I also accept flagrant displays of fawning and lying).

5. Consider an ad space. It is cheaper than any other place online, and this blog reaches far fingers. Plus, there is the future fun... erpp, I am dying to tell y'all!

Tell your marketers, tell your moms. Let's do this.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

So, *cough* what's new?

It is dusty in here. I think someone left a few dirty martini glasses, too... and are those wrinkled knobs olives or cherries? Stinky.

It's about time to make some changes. Check back soon!