Saturday, February 05, 2011

5. FINNY - Justin Kramon vs. 6. ONE DAY - David Nicholls

To our left, relatively new welter weight, FINNY. Sent to me personally by the author, wrapped sentimentally with a brown feather tucked in the ribbon. Sold.

To our right, New York Times best-seller ONE DAY. Given to me for Christmas from my sister, whom I love dearly and hope never reads my blog.

Let the battle begin.

Both stories follow the lifetimes of love interests. In FINNY, the heroine (yes, Finny) and Earl live based on the thread of stolen kisses when Finny was a young teen. Finny goes to college, Earl travels to France. Each maintains contact through letters and short visits to Earl's father.

However, ONE DAY has the unique aspect of looking at one particular day each year in the lives of Emma and Dexter, British chums who cannot decide if they despise or adore each other. I would have kicked Dex to the curb by chapter four, but some girls always like the bad boy.

Ding, ding. The bell rings. A decision must be made. The round goes to FINNY. It's lovely descriptions and elegant prose make this a novel to savor, like the espresso the pair drink in Paris. While I absolutely loved the 1980s flashbacks in ONE DAY - and is a concept many writers are knocking their heads over - it just did not stick with me longer than... one day. Also, purposeful manipulation of my tears makes Beelzebub earn another flogger.

I look forward to reading more from Justin Kramon in the future.

4.0 out of 5.0 Horse Feathers.

2.4 out of 5.0 Night and Days.


Stefania said...

How I love your reviews! I should learn from you how to be so straight-forward. :-)

Kristin Dodge said...

Stefania, you are too sweet. I think that is why I cannot review books by people I know personally (unless I already like it).

Seriously, One Day is on the NYT list. Give Finny a chance, people!