Sunday, January 02, 2011

1. THE HUNGER GAMES SERIES - Suzanne Collins

Since this is a bit of a cheat-post, it will only count for one title.

Katniss shoots game illegally to help her mother and sister survive, but the true test of her survival skills is in the Hunger Games arena. In futuristic America, there are only twelve "areas" after an uprising against the government. Every year, to remind the citizens of this event, they are forced to watch the games, where only one of 24 will live.

Katniss is one of the the competitors.

This young adult series was compelling on many levels. First, it contained snappy writing. Quick dialogue and lots of action, but it was the attention to details that I enjoyed. Also, it didn't turn all Bella-Edward-Jacob. I don't want to say too much because I want you to read the whole trilogy.

Let's just say that my sister and I were racing each other to finish each book. Who won? Der.

4.25 out of 5.0 Jagerbows


Susan C said...

I agree -- Excellent series!

Kristina said...

Oh I agree I was pleasantly surprised when it didn't go the route of Bella-Edward-Jacob =) I liked this series too!

Italia said...

First of all, the price is reasionable for three books. Whether you would like to buy them seperately or the entire collection in one ebook. If I did not already have all three ebooks, I would by this. If you have any doubts about reading this series, you should get rid of them right now. Both adults and teens will find this series entertaining. It is packed with action and romamce. Teens who just aren't into Twilight will find relief in this series.