Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"...people like me, who sit in small rooms and type all day, aren't particularly intriguing, even to their own families." - Carl Hiaasen

This post is for my MFA friends and Terry Davis, author of Mysterious Ways and Vision Quest. During dear Terry's class, I tried to contact Mr. Carl Hiaasen and was cock-blocked by his assistant.

I wouldn't do that to you, Kristin!

Of course, as his "number one fan" a la creepy Annie from Misery, I have read all of his books. I knew why his writing worked and wanted to get in touch with him for an interview to impress my classmates. Cock-blocked. Completely shut down like a closeted lesbian's date on prom.

So, almost ten years later, I really hope that Bridget Fitzgerald happens to google herself and read this silly blog. Bridget sent me an advance copy of Carl Hiaasen's book, Star Island. I receive a lot of books to be reviewed, but when I opened this package, three things may have occurred:

a. Squealing;
b. Jumping up and down;
c. Random calls to people who just did not understand the importance of this event.
Perhaps all three. I am not telling.

Meanwhile, I am going to race-read through this book because I "lurve" Carl Hiaasen. Then, I am going to catch up on the blog with all of the summer reading. There is a pile with "to review" on it. We'll take it slow, shall we?

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