Wednesday, June 23, 2010

20. THE SURVIVORS CLUB - Ben Sherwood

If you want to learn "the secrets and science that could save your life," just turn the pages and enjoy.

Mixed with examples (the Central Park jogger, mountain lion attack survivors, and more) plus scientific research, Sherwood attempts to find the secret to why some people survive and others - don't.

Some of the answers are easy. For instance, you only have a limited time to get out of a downed plane, but you may have been listening to your iPod or playing with your kids during the emergency landing speech. So, you don't know where the nearest exits are located. Would you climb over the seats to get to them?

Other answers are not. U.S. armed forces are asked about survival techniques, and one man says you need a belief in God. What if you lack this? Several of the stories also indicate the arrival of a supreme being who helped or saved them. Does this mean my atheist friends are dead in similar situations?

What makes this book even more fun is the test: there is a link online to determine your own survivor skills and nurture them. Is there one answer? No, but there are several, and I found the entire book motivational and touching, especially when he says that he and his wife named their son, "Will" on purpose.

4.5 out of 5.0 Corpse Reviver>.


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