Wednesday, June 23, 2010

19. THE ASH GARDEN - Dennis Bock

As Emiko draws in mud upon her brother's back, the work of Anton is rushing in a silver bullet down from an airplane toward Hiroshima, about to change the world.

Anton and his colleagues created the atom bomb, stopping World War II. However, when the bomb hit, it not only killed Emiko's friends and family, it severed the emotional tie between Anton and his wife, Sophie.

Nearly fifty years later, after reconstructive surgeries on her burned face, Emiko approaches Anton at a conference where he continues to explain the correctness of this act. She asks to speak with him on tape. Through their discussions, the reader learns far more about the connections between the three characters.

What started as an amazing premise with lyrical prose ended abruptly for me. I will allow you to discover and interpret the final pages for yourself, but it was a book-throwing moment for me. I felt let down, as if so much momentum had been built for... what? Bah.

2.75 out of 5.0 Dirty Pashes.

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