Thursday, May 20, 2010

Comments from readers

"If u r goin to rite a blog, rite a blog."

"Are you OK? Because I already mailed the ARC." (You know who you are... this made me laugh. Writers are so cheap! We covet our measly allowance of books for personal marketing purposes. What, you think the publishers just give these books away like hot cakes? Please.)

"I never received my book, and you have not updated your Facebook group. Is this for real?"

"Why do you ignore me? Read Sookie. Enough of the historical fiction. Whose [sic] telling you to read that??"

I thank you for your concern. It has been a surreal few months, but I finished my first draft of my book and am letting her sit for a little while and rest. She and I will meet again soon, I'm sure.

Meanwhile, I hope to have more time to read this summer, whether on porches or in hammocks, in cars or by soccer fields ("Go team!"). Please forgive me while I catch up on the reading requests... you have not been forgotten. In fact, this has been such a positive experience that I plan to expand it and make it even more interactive next year... but you will have to wait for that.

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