Monday, February 22, 2010

8. THE USED WORLD - Haven Kimmel

Three women work at "The Used World," and their lives become so intertwined and messy that one cannot help but continue to read.

However, for me, I was frustrated by a number of points in this novel. If you are not afraid of spoilers, see the comments section.

2.5 out of 5.0 June Bugs.


Kristin Dodge said...


1. Why was Hazel so afraid to share the truth? And why did she feel like she had to build this "story" of Claudia and Rebekah when Rebekah had no obvious inclination of being a lesbian?

2. When Claudia says, "Why don't we have cell phones?" - why don't they have cell phones?

3. If everyone knew everyone else's business, then why did people always confuse Claudia for a man?

4. Claudia and Amos's discussions were interesting (as someone who likes religious discussions, I enjoyed this), but why was Amos's wife so distant? With so many doubts, why did Amos choose this path?

5. Claudia is a lesbian. Fine. But she says that she sees so many other women fighting against their natural identity. Who? Where?

Did I miss the Spark Notes?

viola black said...

I find myself wondering why, if one must read Havel Kimmel, one did not read The Solace of Leaving Early.

I hope I got that name right.

msprimadonna67 said...

Having read another book of Haven Kimmel's, I certainly would be interested in picking up another. Given that, were your frustrations with the book enough to keep you from recommending this one, or would you advise to pass it by?

Kristin Dodge said...

I'm not sure if I would recommend it, but I do want to talk about it. I suppose that equals a recommendation from my brain, though not from my heart.