Saturday, January 02, 2010

2. PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES - Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith

Jane Austen must have rolled over in her grave so many times that she is nothing but dust.

I'll admit that I was ashamed to read this book. As an admirer of Jane Austen, I thought that this book was a cruel attempt to solicit laughs and publication ("now with ultraviolent zombie mayhem!"). However, it was recommended to me by several people, and since that is the 2010 goal, it was first on my list.

Yes, this book follows the original tale, but with many more 21st century twists. For example, at the end in the clever reader's discussion guide, it asks, "Does Mrs. Bennett have any redeeming qualities?" Tee-hee.

So, upon reading this, I found myself split in half:
English Professor: This is horrible! Poor Jane Austen.
Naughty Self: (while laughing out loud) This is how I pictured Mrs. Bennett in my head! "... I am sure my dinners are good enough for her, since she is an unmarried woman of seven-and-twenty, and as such should expect little more than a crust of bread washed down with a cup of loneliness."
English Professor: No one will read Austen now, and my students will quote from this book as if it were the original; however, more students will understand references to Mr. Darcy.
Naughty Self: Another "balls" joke. (more laughing out loud)

I suppose if I have to combine the two reactions, I believe in the "imitation is flattery" argument. If anyone dares touch To Kill a Mockingbird in such a way, I shall have to suffer the seven cuts of shame and use my blade to smite all involved.

2.85 out of 5.0 Zombies.

P.S. Natalie Portman purchased the rights to produce and star in the movie version. And I thought her colon was made of cement.


Pete said...

I hope the classic/horror mashup fad will disappear before anybody eviscerates Mockingbird.

Cath said...

I think Austen herself would have been appalled but I am going to quote from my 6th grade English teacher friend regarding the whole Twilight craze: "Eh, anything that gets them reading is OK by me. I guess. Sorta."

Great review! LOVE this blog. :)

Anskov said...

Man, I hated this book so much. I couldn't get through it. The cover art is awesome but the illustrations are amateurish. As for the writing, it's a pretty lame attempt at imitation of Austen's prose. I loved the concept and was hoping it would work, but the watered down quality of the prose made me want to fling the book across the room.

Also the girls' training in martial arts was stupid.

Kristin said...

I thought of you when I read it... what if they did this to Agatha Christie?