Tuesday, October 20, 2009

2009 - NaNoWriMo

Yes, it is that time of year when people put on silly hats and beg for chocolate. No, not Halloween, silly... NaNoWriMo! National Novel Writing Month - every November, insane idiots from strange places like Mississippi and New Yawk City join this online group and try to write a novel in one month.

I meant to do it last year and the year before. There is never the "right" time to write. It is a matter of getting your butt in the chair and doing it.

So, I am doing it under the sassy nom de plume: KDRockstar. Friend me. I am lonely. And my avatar on NaNoWriMo has zero friend placings as well (*ching* - rimshot - and, thank you, tip your waitresses, I'll be here all weekend).

Click here to join the insanity.


Bibliolatrist said...


I've decided to do it as well. It's my first time, too. I'm Samson304 and I'm friending you IMMEDIATELY. yay

Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...

heard it. not doing it. is it open to outsiders?

Jason said...

I added you. This is my third year signing up. In 2007 I did 15,000 words in the first three days and then none after that (too much grading). In 2008 I signed up bub didn't write a word.

I'm hoping for better results this year, but I'm not optimistic.

Utopiana said...

It may sound silly, but I've been wanting to do NaNoWriMo for a long time now, and last night an experience at Barnes and Noble clenched it. I was walking to the exit when I saw it, The No Plot? No Problem! Novel Writing Kit by Chris Baty, who is the founder of NaNoWriMo. I'm not that interested in "how-to" stuff generally, but it seemd like an omen,and I splurged. It has gold stars and everything!

Happy to be taking the plunge together.

Kristin Dodge said...

Gold stars? Oh, is it a version of kindergarten sticker awarding? Damnation, that is MY trademark.

Nana, I think it is open to anyone. It's free.

Anyway, I am happy to attempt this rollercoaster with all of you. I'm afraid to blog, though, because those are wasted words.