Friday, September 25, 2009

54. DRAGONFLY IN AMBER - Diana Gabaldon

This novel is the second in the "Outlander" series about Jamie and Claire Fraser. While I would not say that Diana Gabaldon is the most notorious or gifted writer of our times, I will say that she knows how to capture her audience with fantastic plotting and historical information.

Though it starts out a bit slow (we do not join old Scotland until the eightieth page or so), the rest of the book will appeal to those who loved the romance, time travel, and Bonnie Prince Charlie aspects of the first book. This time, the fighting is about to occur, and Claire and Jamie are trying to stop the civil wars from beginning.

I love the Scottish history, I adore the characters, and I wept at the "true end" (not the conclusion - readers will know what I mean and I do not want to give away too much). However, toward the conclusion, the strange plotting began, and this is what made the next three books a trifle frustrating for me.

Still, I am looking forward to the release of "Echo in the Bone" next week. Jamie and Claire are not doomed lovers but life partners, and I will stick with them until the end.

4.0 out of 5.0 Dirty Scotsmen.


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Teresa said...

Have followed your reading on and off for awhile now and wouldn't have pegged you for a Claire and Jamie fan. Me, too. Have Echo, but don't know when I'll get to it. This is already a busy reading month for me.

Kristin Dodge said...

Teresa, I think it is because there is so much historical information in the books (as well as just plain cool factoids). I remember Diana saying once that she did not consider her books romance or paranormal or historical... she just wrote them. ;-)

My copy arrives tomorrow. Woot.