Friday, July 24, 2009

42. FINGER LICKIN' FIFTEEN - Janet Evanovich

Janet, girl, we need to chat.

I adore Stephanie Plum and Ranger and the rest of the crazy characters in your books. I remember the first time I picked up Three to Get Deadly, and I had to go back to read the first two of the series immediately. Loved the tone, loved the Jersey hair, loved the sassy sex scenes.

Obviously, others like it, too, or you wouldn't be on the fifteenth book (not including the holiday episodes). But 300 pages (hardcover) with triple spacing and two and a half inch margins? Are you one of my former composition students?

I'm a tad bummed, Janet. Even for a vacation book, this made me sad. It is a novella. It is getting silly instead of clever. And I hate that I still found it amusing. So, I am going to stay clear for a while - perhaps read Tolstoy - and just read your next book in private while still at the bookstore. I am sure that I will finish it there.

2.5 out of 5.0 Barn Doors.

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