Wednesday, July 08, 2009

39. LITTLE CHILDREN - Tom Perrotta

I adore the film, ELECTION. It's probably the last time that I have liked Matthew Broderick's work. Still, the book is even more incredible, which is why I chose to read this rather than watch a lovely, sweaty Kate Winslet in the role.

Stay at home parents are akin to propaganda-spewing Nazis. I can say that because I was one for several years. Every parent has starch-stiff beliefs (no TV as a babysitter! home school! flashcards! no violent toys!). This book takes a group of parents, mostly stay at home mothers and fathers, and allows them to bump along, similar to that video game, "The Sims."

Perrotta is both empathetic and cruel in his characterizations, but he is always funny. After closing the book, I was thankful to be out of those mind-numbing years, though I do miss the naps.

3.0 out of 5.0 Sour Patch Bombs.


Katie said...

Ugh. I absolutely hated this book! I guess we all have different tastes. To each her own :)

Maggie May said...

I thought this movie was pretty incredible, but so depressing I wouldn't watch it again. The book I thought was very good, but not great.

Nathan said...

I'm not sure what Matthew Broderick has to do with this (He's not in the movie adaptation.) but I would strongly recommend the film. It uses voice over in some interesting ways, a bit like a nature documentary.

Kristin Dodge said...

Broderick was in "Election," another Perrotta book-turned-flick. That's the only link.

The book could be compared to a nature documentary, as well. However, it is the documentation of the modern human as child rearer and its affects on the subjects.