Wednesday, June 24, 2009

XX. THE EMBERS - Hyatt Bass

Death, family tragedy, dysfunctional relationships - all of the makings of a great Russian novel. Unfortunately, this is the debut fiction of Hyatt Bass, a book that has been glorified by many reviewers.

Not this one.

After 63 pages, I grew exhausted by the whiny, self-absorbed characters. The plot could have pulled me deeper into this tornado, but a quick flip proved that there would be no redemption, just frustration. My wall has enough dents from past clunkers.

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Anonymous said...

I thought "The Embers" was quite good. It's too bad you found the characters "whiny" because a book about family estrangements, both real and threatened, is a book that people need at this point in time. I don't normally read this blog; perhaps if I did, I'd know the sort of book this reviewer prefers and I'd have a better understanding of why she didn't like this book. It's worthy of being read to the end and not dismissed (and --shockingly -- "reviewed") after a "quick flip."