Friday, March 06, 2009

"Free Food for Millionaires"??

I've read the first three chapters. The author has written amazing short fiction, but this novel is predictable in the extreme. Am I wrong? Does it redeem itself later?


Jason said...

This is on my shelf waiting for my attention. Maybe I'll tackle it next and see what I think.

Gayle said...

Predictable? No. It's sort of slow, but I don't think it's predictable. I can't tell you that there are lots of plot twists and surprises, but it may not end where you think it will. I enjoyed the book, but wish it hadn't been so long.

Jason said...

I'm only fifteen pages in and I already hate the protagonist. That won't stop me from reading, because I frequently enjoy stories about people I hate, but I have to wonder what the author's plan is here. I'm sure she has one.

Kristin Dodge said...

That was my reaction, so I'll let you go through the trenches first.

Jason said...

I forgot that I didn't tell you I finished this one. Here's my analysis:

It's pretty well written and well paced. The characters are interestingish, and the cultural commentary is different from other things I've read.

That said: the book won't change your life. Probably won't even affect how you feel about your day.

On a scale of one to ten I give it a "meh."