Tuesday, February 10, 2009

13. "The Legend of Bagger Vance" - Steven Pressfield

Yes, I'm on a Pressfield kick. I'm waiting for all of those ARCs to arrive. And I had a bit of a break, so I'm updating the blog.

Having never seen the movie, is it good? And what I mean by that is, can it compare to the book?

A book that combines golf with the South (and all of its early 1900 issues) and a magical presence (Bagger Vance) is enough to make a sweet tooth ache a bit. Looking at Pressfield's career, it is obvious that his attention to detail (the greens can change during the day based on the blades of grass following the sun... no wonder my game is so awful) is a prelude to his attention to details during battles. Personally, I find the battles more enchanting than golf, but I digress.

Bagger Vance is the caddy for Junah, the local hero who is playing the 36-hole round with two veritable greats in golf. Vance, in the form of a black man, has near-Godlike powers (or mystical powers, if you wish). His actions throughout the game create a change in Junah and in Hardy, the elderly narrator who is reminiscing about his role in the events.

Golfers would love the first half of the book, as well as the theories on how golf applies to life and life applies to golf. Mystic-lovers would love the last half of the book, where Vance pulls the most magical tricks from his sleeve. However, the switch (and if read, you'll know what part I'm referring to) was too abrupt for me... to the point of WTF?

Steven Pressfield, I adore most of your books. I'm glad this was your first, and you got it out of your system because you have written incredible works ever since. The end.

2.0 out of 5.0 Broken Down Golf Carts.

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