Saturday, January 31, 2009

9. "Last of the Amazons" - Steven Pressfield

As a gawky teen, one of my many nicknames was "Amazon." If only I had known that it was a backward compliment. OK, no it wasn't because that was high school, but for all of you Amazon women out there, know that it is praise.

King Theseus of legend, the one who slayed the minotaur, fights the Amazons and returns with Antiope as his war bride. However, this story tells of the war, as well as details of the Amazonian (or tal Kyrte) life.

Pressfield knows how to write war scenes. At one point, his description of how a tal Kyrte warrior draws her axe as a weapon was so beautiful that I couldn't believe this hadn't been made into a movie. Vivid and detailed, yet full of wonder. My biggest complaints are that the relationships between the women (as triads and as lovers) are ignored, while he repeats a lot of information (like "ippe" meant "horse"). The language is more romantic British (with thees and thines), and he combined Greek and Latin to create his own words.

Still, it's very similar to the story I'm writing, so I learned a lot. For others, though, I'd recommend some of his newer novels.

3.75 out of 5.0 Ambrosias.

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Lezlie said...

The end of this one made me cry. I'm so pathetic. :-) And you're so right about his battle scenes. It's like you're there when you read them!