Saturday, January 31, 2009

10. "Bonk" - Mary Roach

It's official. I adore Mary Roach. A science writer with a spectacular sense of humor, she tackled the science of sex with relish. At one point, she volunteers to have sex with her husband in an MRI-type machine to study orgasms. Seriously. Adore her.

The book focuses on the history of sex research, including rats, pigs, and humans. Alfred Kinsey is mentioned, of course, but it is the research about rats wearing polyester pants and men imitating male hogs that makes this a book to put on the to-read list. Though, you may want to read it at home, in bed.

4.0 out of 5.0 Sex with an Alligators.


Stephanie said...

She's fantastic. The footnotes alone are worth reading the book, she cracks me up so much. Amd I'm impressed she was willing to do all that she did for Bonk! (Subject matter-wise, I liked Stiff better, but Bonk is definitely a fun book!)

Joana said...

I listened to "Bonk" as an audiobook and literally laughed out loud, alone in my commuter car. Great book. I would love to read more pop science books written by women. Know of any more?

Kristin Dodge said...

She has also written "Spook" and "Stiff." I've reviewed the first; the latter is on my bedside table, asking to be read soon.