Thursday, December 25, 2008

XX. "The Meaning of Night" - Michael Cox

I just need to say "no." No more faux Victorian gothic-types of novels. It is taking me almost six months to read Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, and that's more of a fantasy book, besides. So, another one bites the book worm dust.


moonrat said...

I really liked JONATHAN STRANGE, but I really, really didn't like MEANING OF NIGHT. Ugh. I got to the end and was reeeeally frustrated.

Others disagreed. I think we had at least two or three reviews on thebookbook and I was the only other person who agreed with you...! (but I definitely did.)

Kristin Dodge said...

I forgot to ask you if you wanted me to post my XXs to The Book Book, too. My own readers know that they have to either convince me or let it go.

I made it to the part when he discusses the poet-man who ruined his life then tossed it aside. As someone once posted eloquently, "There is no time for crap books."

Glad we agreed... we have very similar tastes in Chinese history. And books in general.

Diane said...

This is one book that I could not get into either. I love your blog.