Sunday, October 05, 2008

XX. "The Monk" - Matthew Lewis

Ah, the first book of the new reading boundaries, and I receive a "major fail," as my students would say.

Written in the late 1770s, this gothic romance has plenty of horror in it, but also a heap of melodrama. I took issue with the latter, and while I didn't throw the book, I did toss it aside.

Perhaps I'm just not ready to read it. This is a disappointment because there were a lot of "connect the dot" possibilities from this book. However, I am not a cheater, so I will simply XX this one off (for now - in a decade I'll have a year devoted to XX books).


Bibliolatrist said...

That's a shame about this one - The Monk is one of my faves, especially because of its melodrama. And you didn't even make it to the end, which is the most (melo)dramatic part! Better luck next time!

Sarah said...

I'm interested in in this because of the Northhanger Abbey connection. From the sounds of it though, I haven't missed much!

Arukiyomi said...

Man... what a shame. I loved this book. Took me totally by surprise. It just gets more and more enthralling as it goes on.

Maybe not for you now but do give it a try sometime in the future.

My review is HERE if you want.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that I am not the only one!! I tried to read this book for Carl's Rip 3 challenge and I read 75 pages and couldn't possibly read anymore. Like you, I tossed it aside, but I also mailed it out to someone else who might want to give it a go.

Kristin Dodge said...

I chose it because I knew it was one of your favorites, which made it all the more difficult to quit. So, I tried it again before sending it back to the library.

Try, try again... another time. I know that it influenced Edgar Allen Poe, so I know that I'll read it again.