Sunday, October 19, 2008

80. "Zipporah: Wife of Moses" - Marek Halter

I'll admit that my expectations were low. I bought this in the 99 cent bin (along with several other Jane Austen hardcovers - can you believe that?). She looks like a sassy vixen. If Fabio had been on the back cover, I wouldn't have been surprised.

However, I found myself engaged in the environment of Midian and sympathetic to Zipporah, a Cushite adopted by the leader, Jethro. The cover shows a woman with a summer tan, but the book describes a powerful, intense woman whose skin could not be seen at night. Moses, freshly sprung from Egypt and in hiding, loves her, but she refuses to marry him until he returns and frees his people.

I liked how the author gave depth to a character who has only been on the fringes of Biblical history, as well as his dedication to the details of the time. Still, it has been slipped out with other books for days, and I am having trouble remembering much more about it.

2.4 out of 5.0 Smashing Pumpkins.

Connect the dots: 79 to 80 (Moses led the Hebrews) to 81 (Operation Shylock - the next to read, where Moses is the "reverse nemesis" of Philip Roth), then to 82 (A Thread of Grace - how Italy helped the Jews during WWII), to 83 (a book about the Italian mafia). So, yes, I do need a bit of a plan, though I'm not sure where or if the dots will connect after that.


Sandra said...

Only 2.4 out of 5.0? I'm surprised it wasn't better. I read The Book of Abraham by Halter and thought it was very good. I enjoyed reading your thoughts about it though.

Stefania said...

83. A book about Italian mafia... Are you going to read "Gomorrah"?

Kristen DeDeyn Kirk said...

Your rating is fair if you can't remember much after just a few days of reading the book. I like books that haunt me for weeks.

Kristin Dodge said...

It is "Gomorrah"... what did you think? I'm going to check your site now...

I agree with you, Kristen, which is why I didn't rate this higher.