Saturday, July 19, 2008

“When the Goddess of Distraction calls, sometimes I’ve just got to pick up the phone.” – Marcia Menter

My wonderful writing group pals were talking about "the ultimate time-sucker" (Rachael), Facebook. I'll admit that I've wasted time checking out MySpace and Facebook, but have never really understood it. It's like text messaging... okay, but not fulfilling conversations with someone you supposedly care about. The whole "ask a friend" thing is weird, too. Ask if you can be my friend. I usually say yes. I'm like a hooker that way.

Still, I have succumbed. Stuck in bed with pneumonia (yes, I know, I'm "a medical nightmare" (my husband)), I'm bored. I've read, of course, but the magical nature of Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell is a bit mind-bending with a 102 degree fever. I've played Bejeweled and topped by previous high score of 23,000. I've trolled Barnes and for new books to add to my list, then considered ordering a Wii Fit to help me recuperate after this illness is cleared up. I've napped, I've rested, I've gulped down tons of juice.

Like the drunk-dialing of early college mornings, I've hit a tang of desperation. Facebook. Fill me up. And it did.

So, if you receive an invitation, please be my friend. And if you know how to make it look pretty, please let me know, too. Because I'll be getting bored again soon.


Anonymous said...

Wow, don't grovel. It's not pretty.

Sorry you're sick. I'm not the chicken soup kind of mistress, but I'll send you somee flowers.

I haven't done facebook, though I've seen not so pretty pictures of our old classmates.

Anonymous said...

That was me. As if you didn't know.