Monday, June 30, 2008

57. "Ghostwritten" - David Mitchell

David Mitchell wrote my recent favorite, Black Swan Green. Like that novel, Ghostwritten takes several short stories and connects them. While BSG followed the story of one boy, Ghost follows the spirits of many who are threaded by the simple act of briefly meeting or even haunting.

I will admit that I was disappointed, especially because I had high expectations after BSG (and its accompanying band of "read Ghostwritten blurbs on the back cover). The first four stories were engaging and interesting, but then the excitement slackened and my interest plummeted. It was no longer fresh writing with newly created verbs (love that, by the way). It was a story for story's sake - because there needed to be a connection rather than there already was.

I'm woozy, so this review may not make sense, so I'll simplify: read Black Swan Green for the same technique but with better style.

1.9 out of 5.0 Crump Crushers.


Mistress of the Post said...

I tried Black Swan Green and couldn't get into it. Perhaps I'll try again. So many people say they really enjoyed it.

monster paperbag said...

Black Swan Green is brilliant. It's one of my favorite books :).

estelle said...

hm. i read cloud atlas and quite liked it, apart from some ham-fisted connections between the six stories, so i was not against the idea of reading another david mitchell book. but having read this, i am not sure i will. i guess if you know what works for you?