Saturday, June 21, 2008

54. "The End of Mr. Y" - Scarlett Thomas

I've heard amazing things about PopCo, this author's other book; however, I received this one first, so I plowed right in.

And immediately felt the waters close over my head.

I'd mark this as an XX book because I'm quitting it. However, I made it over halfway, so part of me feels like I've earned the mark.

The premise is entrancing: a book that is cursed. Anyone who reads it is found dead soon afterward. Ariel is doing her doctorate thesis on this book when her faculty advisor disappears.

Then it gets science fiction-y and biological with quarks and existentiell (really, look it up), and this summer-floaty brain just imploded.

"I've never forgotten what I've read of Being in Time, although not finishing it is one of the big regrets of my life" (The End of Mr. Y). I may feel the same way eventually, but not yet.

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Anonymous said...

It gets much, much worse. You did the right thing! Beyond about halfway the plot kind of vanishes and the author explains her views on life through unconvincing ciphers for a great many pages, and it is not the best.