Friday, June 20, 2008

53. "Geek Love" - Katherine Dunne

When was the last time that I gloated and gabbed about a book? OK, you stinkers, I mean *really* couldn't stop turning the pages / ate-drank-breathed the story / adored finding a new voice in writing? I think it was The Terror, by Dan Simmons.

Geek Love is not about nerdy conquests, but rather the Binewski family, a ragtag bunch of freak show hits, created expressly by two loving parents with a penchant for mixing drugs and herbs purposefully in order to create "unique" children. Elly and Iphy are the singing Siamese twins, Arty is the flipper boy, and our narrator, Oly, has a hunchback.

Oh, yeah. Can't you feel the possibilities?

Dunn delivers. In fact, I wonder if I could stand to be in her brain. She comes up with some pretty messed up stuff... which I ate with sprinkles on top, of course.

Some may argue (as they did with The Terror) that the ending sucks. While I loved the former, I'm still undecided about Geek Love, though I don't mind rewinding and thinking about it a bit.

4.7 out of 5.0 Fruit Freaks.


Anonymous said...

GEEK LOVE has LONG been a favorite book of mine! So . . . different from anything else out there. Just wow amazing. ;-)

I also really like THE TERROR - and wasnt disappointed with the ending at all. LOVED it. Couldn't put it down!

Laura in Atlanta

Jeane said...

This book was so disturbing for me.

Jessica said...

I just got this out of the library! It's been sitting on my shelf all week.