Thursday, June 05, 2008

48. "Black Swan Green" - David Mitchell

The year-long peek into the life of Jason Taylor, resident of Black Swan Green, Worchestershire, can only be described as a fun 80s flashback, though somewhat different than my own. His memories of the Falklands War coincide with mine of a serious Ronald Reagan offering support to Margaret Thatcher.

Anyway, though this is called a novel, I felt that it read like a group of short stories - all about Jason, but each chapter could be a separate entity from the whole.

His mastery of slang and teen-talk is epic, and the book follows the typical style of the coming-of-age novel. The difference is that Jason Taylor may think that Black Swan Green is an armpit, but all of his experiences and descriptions of other characters prove otherwise for the reader.

4.0 out of 5.0 Green Zombies.

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monster paperbag said...

I really love this book. My favorite part has to be the classroom discussion wherein they start talking about secrets and end up with a very valuable lesson about reputation and life.