Friday, April 04, 2008

XX. "Andersonville" - MacKinlay Kantor

Pulitzer Prize-winning Civil War Novel! These words exclaimed on the cover in larger type than the author's name.

After 300 pages, I see why it is worthy of the award.

However... and you knew there would be a "however."

However, at what point do you give up, give in, dreamily look at the other beautiful book covers, sneak peeks, flip through the first few pages, the first chapter, then return and check the last chapter of a 750-page-plus doorstop?

It looks like right. About. Now.


Jeane said...

I would never force myself through 700+ pages of a book deserving to be used as a doorstop. Cease now, and read something pleasant!

Adam Wilson said...

I love the Civil War! Well, not really the war itself...just the history of it.

I might check this out...although the 700 pages kind of turns me off!

Adam Wilson
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