Friday, January 11, 2008

"Reading this book is like waiting for the first shoe to drop." - Ralph Novak

I'm currently going through training to teach online for a university based out of Georgia. It's the first time in years where I've been in a class with non-English majors. In the efforts to get to know each other, I've learned about:

  • A small cult in Mexico where holes in the teeth are a sign of clarity (from an anthropologist)
  • Shortening multiplication problems in your head is easy... for other people (from a mathematician)
  • Police officers' pension plans and how many can retire exceptionally early (from a criminal lawyer).
I wondered what the meaning of the song, "All Along the Watchtower" meant. And I immediately got this response. There are so many unique people out there.

Which brings me to - mail bag goodness!

Happy New Year! You have got to read a Japanese short story book called Monkey Brain Sushi.

Hmm, I couldn't find it online. Anyone else hear of this?

Another year of you pretending to be a critic. What makes you think that anyone cares?

First, I am not a critic, though I may criticize. This blog is meant to convey my thoughts about my current reading material. No one posts my comments on the back of their novels, though I do get a grateful email from an author from time to time. Whether I'm getting 400 views a day or 400,000 (and it's somewhere in the middle), I will continue to add to the blog to show that I've done something substantial... the year of 150 books. Read on...

I love your blog, but I miss the pressure of you reading a large number of books in a short amount of time. Any plans to do this in the future?

I'm considering a book a day for 2009. I would have to go on sabbatical and take out a third mortgage and pretend I don't have children, though.

Change your photo. It's been the same one for 2 yrs.
You promised a new photo in your about me section.
New photo. Nudity preferred.

Sickos. I look two years older and wiser, and much more zen instead of moody. Use your imaginations.

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Joy said...

This was a fun post, Kristin. Thanks for sharing. :)