Tuesday, September 04, 2007

“I do my thing, and you do your thing. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations.” - Frederick S. Perls

Jeez, y'all bored? This past week was a record number of site hits, as well as a full mailbox. Rock on... here are my humble replies:

Change your photo change your photo change your photo.

Dodge, change your photo.

Mmm, maybe. That photo is over a year old. I still have the ski jump nose and scowly face, but I've gone "ginger" (for Ducky in London). Botox and plastic surgery have changed the rest.

Can I have your AOL/MSN/chat name?

I've gotten this request frequently, which is very disturbing... I mean thoughtful and sweet! Thanks! But no thanks! I'm trying to work here.

I happened to see *blankety-blank* business and your name was attached. Is it you?

I loves the internets. Yes, I started my own business years ago. I'm reestablishing it right now, which is more work than you'd think. Fortunately, I have the clients first this time. I will share once I feel better about the website.

Why don't you post on your "Effin' Ranch" site?

I'm trying to respect the Dude's privacy a bit more. In Kristin code, this means I'm saving it for the book, where I will respect nobody's privacy.

What's with the song things in your last coupla posts, ladybird?

OK, first, if you are referring to those nasty ladybug beetles, I want no comparison. They squirt out smelly pheromones and cluster around cocktails. Hmm. Perhaps we are more alike than I thought.

The songs are a kid-bop thing I picked up from FoxyTunes. Unlike others, who will debate for several minutes before putting in the "now playing" emblem. "What will people deduce from my music choices? Will they think I'm wicked raw?" - I'm purposely leaving it. If I'm jamming to George Michael, you shall know thy truth.

You were so off in your review.../Why haven't you read.../Blah, you suck.

Seriously, I'm thinking you're just mad that you lost the bet over whether I would read 150 books last year or not. Suffer!

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Anonymous said...

You don't know what you're talking about 1/2 the time bt i'll read you anyway.

Jason said...

I bet that anonymous was the Dude.


I amuse me.

Kristin Dodge said...

The Dude doesn't read my blog anymore. But you are amusing. I meant anonymous. :-)