Thursday, September 20, 2007

71. "Consolation" - Michael Redhill

If it's any CONSOLATION, this book won the 2007 Toronto Book Award. As a CONSOLATION prize to the other authors, know that you didn't have a chance unless you wrote about Torontonian (yes, that was the official word) history.

But this is not a CONSOLATION to readers of the book who reside elsewhere. Instead, you must read it yourselves to understand the heart-wrenching CONSOLATION of reaching the end of the book to say...


1853 photography, opium, pharmaceuticals, hotels, London. Topics were interesting enough. Book receives the CONSOLATION prize of the week.

Was that annoying? Indeed. Now you have a sense for how I felt after reading this book and despising its characters.

.5 out of 5.0 Canadian Car Bombs.


Kristina said...

LOL Note to NOT, I repeat, do NOT buy this book!! Thanks for the laugh!!

Anonymous said...

i agree with the person above this book was soo shit...omg i didnt even get to the end and knew it was shit...but for those who have sleeping problems this is a great book puts you right to sleep