Friday, August 10, 2007

58. "How I Live Now" - Meg Rosoff

Daisy is sent by her wicked stepmother and father to live with cousins in England. She soon finds they are unique and magical, a bubble of freshness on the farm for this unloved, anorexic teen.

As she is falling in love with her cousin, Edmond, a terrorist act kills many in London, shutting down the world and reaching even to their small farm. Soldiers take over and Daisy is sent away with her cousin, Piper.

There is so much heavy material - war, death, love (incestual? you be the judge), eating disorder, violence. How Rosoff could combine all of it is miraculous, but even the change in Daisy's voice toward the end of the novel is beautifully mastered.

I'd say this is the young adult version of The Road, with a couple scenes that even gave me pause. Would I let my son read it? Not now. It gave me nightmares. Powerful work. Thanks to Jen for the recommendation.

4.5 out of 5.0 Graveyard Spirits.


Emz said...

Good to see the decent review. I've been wondering whether or not to read it, but perhaps I'll give it a chance now...

Becky said...

Hmmm... So it looks like I'm the only one who was so annoyed by the sudden and unexplainable telepathy that it made me dislike the entire thing.

sian demery said...

hi my name is sian demery,
im 13 and ive read this book,
for any of you who are wondering weather to read it or not just let me say i think it is a work of absolute genious,
it is full to the brim and spilling over with emotion,
such as lust,love,saddness,passion,determination,fright ect,ect,
i personally loved it ,i think it was one of the best,if not the best , book that i have ever read!!!,it was all i could think about , and afterwards i would still think about , so please do read it , it was utterly breathtaking and gripping!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kristin Dodge said...

Thanks, Sian, for your thoughts about the book. It's always encouraging to me to see teens reading... and I admire those who express their opinions.

Check out some of my other reviews and please feel free to advise me of can't-miss books.