Friday, July 06, 2007

47. "Pillars of the Earth" - Ken Follett

This 900+ page epic novel spans forty years of life in the town of Kingsbridge, mainly revolving around the priory (home of monks) and a cathedral that took nearly the entire book to complete. Based on historical facts, the specific details about kings and civil wars and building are interesting.

You know there had to be a "but."

But... when I was about halfway through, a little grumpy about losing interest and the waste of 400 pages, there is a scene where Jack, the builder, and Aliena, his lover, are cuddling and she asks him to tell her a story. He tells about the lovers who lived on separate hills (hands move to breasts), but that they met in the forest (hands slide downward).

Book. Thrown. Across. Room.

I mean, really. This is the stuff giggly horndogs would say.

As someone succinctly said in the comments, "Life's too short to read rubbish books." Indeed. However, if you like this one, the sequel is due out in October. I, for one, will not be reading it.

1.0 out of 5.0 English Highballs.

Banned Book: One of the top 100 banned books for 1990-2000 because of rape scenes, sex scenes, and overuse of adverbs. Oh, fine, I made the last one up, but it's true.

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Bibliolatrist said...

It's amazing what will get published nowadays, no? Sigh.