Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"It's always the freckled ones who have crap veins." - anonymous nurse

Indeed. I do have crap veins. But it only took three pokes to find a good one today, and that is below average for me.

Play adult mad-libs in the comments to make me smile: "I've had more fingers up my *blank* than *blankity blank."

All better on the health front... again, thank you for the well wishes, poop jokes, etc.


Shepcat said...

I don't know whether you're a fan of The Usual Suspects at all, but the first thing that came to mind was:

"I've had more fingers up my ass than Fenster in county lock-up." ("Is it Friday already?")

Nothing but my best wishes for your full recovery and good health.

Anonymous said...

"I've had more fists up my ass than Jenna Jamison."

Oh wait you said fingers.


bhadd said...

I've had more fingers up my ass than sassafrass! Jokeyjokeryoke!

The Hood Company

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, shepcat. Good one!

JMC said...

The nurses tell me that every time I have to have blood drawn or an IV put in, and unless my nurse is nicknamed 'Dracula,' it always takes several jabs. One of the drawbacks of being a redhead.