Thursday, May 03, 2007

XX. "The Clan of the Cave Bear"


Confession time - I remember my mother refusing to let me check this book out at the library when I was in fifth or sixth grade. I heard later that there was a ton of sex in the book. This tickled the back of my mind, so when it was time to dig up a chocolate martini book, I instantly thought of this one.

Forty pages in and I'm annoyed. It's almost like reading Tolkien... the names, the genealogy. Where's the hot lovin'?

Back to the high brow material...


Sara said...

Clan of the Cave Bear doesn't have so much sex by itself... in fact there's only one sex scene that I can remember and it's not at all sexy. Valley of the Horses, however, is 80% sex.

White Bear Girl aka Sophie Clucker said...

On my all time favorite list! but sara is right, it really just set's the scene for the excellent Valley of the Horses, and The Mamoth Hunters. The rest of the series is is good, but there is a fight about royalties or some such and alas, the final book was either never written, or never released!

We're doing Suite Francais this month for book club, I'll post our review after Thursday!