Monday, May 28, 2007


While I devote this blog to books and all things vodka, I neglect my other love - movies. Since the majority of my writing over the past three years has been for screenplays, it would only make sense that I'd throw in the occasional movie review.

But I have too much work, and I don't see great flicks until IFC carries them. But this is a case which can be compared to the literary novel versus the good story - Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End.

Now, this film has been panned for the past week. And, upon reflection, the critics have much to pick over, beginning with the seemingly ridiculous 2 hour and 55 minute runtime.

But these reviewers need to live with a pre-teen boy.

My son and I have wiggled and high-fived each other every time we saw a preview or poster. We wondered what happened to Captain Jack Sparrow. He created his own sword out of wood and beat his brother senseless. Ah, good times.

Since I declared my love for Legolas years ago during our "Lord of the Rings" phase, I am teased equally for my crush on Will Turner.
When you go to a movie with a preteen - well, first, it's a miracle that one would even go with you. Second, you cannot sigh and coo, no matter how hot Johnny Depp appears. When someone uses quick sword skills, you exclaim and elbow each other. You never hold the popcorn. You roll your eyes when they kiss.

You get to spend two hours and 55 minutes with someone who would ordinarily do anything to get out of that much together time, and you get thanked for it. Now, if only the critics had thought of that.


Rhinoa said...

Cool sounds like you had a fun time watching it. It's ok to swoon on the inside when Johnny Depp is on screen and sigh at the romantic bits if you can't do them outloud ;)

Anonymous said...

You are such a geek.

It's cool that Thing 1 is rolling with you, old lady.


CoversGirl said...

I had to smile at this . . . while wondering if post-teen boys are any more mature. (I don't think so.)