Tuesday, May 08, 2007

30. "Song of Solomon" - Toni Morrison

On the day before Macon "Milkman" Dead is born, a man tries to fly from the upper window of the hospital. Like this suicide jumper, Milkman tries to fly through his life, but his own self-escalation of relationship issues drags him down.

It takes a trip to Virginia to find out more about his heritage to change Milkman's selfishness. And it takes more than just one character to fill this novel with splendid storytelling.

Set in the late 1950s to 1960s, it expresses racism and frustration. One of the most interesting story lines involves Milkman's friend, Guitar, who is part of a secret society that kills a white person every time a black person is murdered, mimicking the original murder.

Part II did meander a bit, floating into a more viable sense of disbelief (though Part I did this, it was around a particular character named Pilate, rather than making it an issue of plot). I preferred Part I because it was about people, but I liked Part II because it was about resolutions of self.

4.0 out of 5.0 Southern Kamikazes.


Arukiyomi said...

Have yet to read this but keep looking out for it. I've still not recovered from Beloved which was initially a difficult but then a very moving read. Don't think I'm quite ready for more Morrison yet though...

Have you read Beloved? If so, how'd it compare to that?

kristindodge said...

Beloved was the better read, hands down. Poignant, yet far from gooey.

Hmm, I may need to reread it... been a while.

Jason said...

I just re-read Beloved last year. Freaking amazing. This weekend I picked up The Bluest Eye, but I haven't cracked it yet.

Bybee said...

Hello, I like your blog, and really like your rating style with the martinis. Thanks for the review of The Naked And The Dead. I started to read it a few years ago (when Reagan was president), got sidetracked, then somehow the book left me. I've always wanted to try it again.