Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Per request...

Shylah is 9 weeks old now and:

  1. Pees outside, but poos in her crate, then rolls in it;
  2. Attacks the golden retriever, German shepherd, bathmat, and lilac bushes;
  3. Received the full name "Shylah Fionne," which means "white, loyal, strong."
  4. Will be bred someday because everyone needs a dog like her;
  5. Thinks I'm the head of the pack and curls up against me like "a fluffy crescent roll" (description by kid).

This blog is going to end up "Books for Breakfast, Drinks for Dinner, Puppies for Picnics." Except that sounds kind of like we're eating dogs. Eww.


Gina Marie said...

She is some serious cuteness! :-)

Diana said...

I want to hug her.

Jason said...

That's a sweet puppy.

Joy said...

Too cute! :)

Kristin Dodge said...

I'm taking photos every day because she is growing so fast. Now, she thinks I'm her mom and follows me, tail wagging.

Shylah update every week. I think our relationships with dogs are the only absolutely pure ones. There is no baggage, no miscommunication. Just love. Pure love. Pure puppy love, right now.