Thursday, December 14, 2006

142. "Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life" ~ Roald Dahl

My first reaction was surprise; I had never considered that the father of such fantastic kid fiction wrote for adults, as well.

Dahl fictionalizes some high adventures that he had after returning from the war and settling down on his farm. He and a friend named Claud end up in various kinds of trouble. Where does the truth begin? Since he published this as fiction, who cares?

Two of the stories made me gasp out loud, once in a giddy breath and the other a hiss between the teeth. Any writing that can evoke that kind of emotion is brilliant, in my opinion.

4.5 out of 5.0 Old Country Martinis.

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PeteLit said...

I'm a bit disappointed that my six-year-old daughter has lost interest in "James and the Giant Peach", which we've been reading for her bedtime story over the past few weeks. We've now moved on to other bedtime stories, but I just might have to finish that book on my own. Watch out for the Cloud Men!!!