Wednesday, December 06, 2006

135. "Just a Geek" ~ Wil Wheaton

I clipped Wil Wheaton's photo out of Tiger Beat magazine and taped it to my closet door, along with all the photos of River Phoenix. At the end of the movie, Stand By Me, River tells Wil that he should become a writer.

River Phoenix died of a drug overdose. Wil Wheaton is trying to salvage a career after years on Star Trek by writing in his blog.

His blog has been a source of entertainment for me over several years. I expected an extension of that in this book. Instead, there is the cop-out regurgitation of past blog entries. Even putting that aside, Wheaton's distressed ego constantly takes over the writing. Wah, I only got a standing ovation at the Trekkie convention. That sort of thing.

A bit heartbreaking for the 12-year-old girl hidden away.

1.25 out of 5.0 Skeptics.

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