Saturday, November 25, 2006

128. "Slaughter-House-Five" ~ Kurt Vonnegut

You have read this book, whether under the fiery gaze of your advanced prose teacher in high school or while sharing a cigarette with your roommate. You know what this book is about, you recognize its appeal, or you didn't get it. You know the author's name is linked with genius, and you agree, or you shrug, or you punch the code that says "declined to answer."
I am furious. I know that I would have read this book years ago in an advanced literature class in high school, but I was not "AP material." You've heard this refrain from me before. Or, you haven't.
You may see more Vonnegut in this last push for success. Or not.
4.5 out of 5.0 Five Star Generals.


jenclair said...

And so it goes...

I taught AP English and always put the novel lists on the board and discussed them with the other classes. Or I'd put a quote or a diagram of the 9 levels of hell and leave it. My other students read almost as widely as the AP kids because it wasn't forced on them. I had a lot of students in my other classes who read and discussed Dante's Inferno as a "book of choice," but it was never required.

Damn, I miss that part of it!

Joy said...

I haven't read any by Vonnegut either, but certainly want to give him a try.

Congrats on your progress! :)

Bibliolatrist said...

lol - I wasn't AP material either. I'm sure I was better off. :D

Anonymous said...

You are almost at your goal! Congrats.

I love Vonnegut, but had a teacher who kind of ruined him for me for a while by saying he was strictly a science fiction writer. There is that tint to his writing, but it doesn't take over his novels. IMO.

Oh - I'm the one from Spain. I'm studying abroad for the semester.

Carol Dean said...

I took AP, but Vonnegut wasn't even mentioned (nor was anything after 1950, if I recall correctly). I didn't discover Vonnegut until the last semester of my BA in English and American Lit . . . on my own, as a refuge from Shakespeare and company. :D Glad you've found him. I heard him speak in the early 80s; even did a rhetorical analysis of the darn thing. Fun.

Edwin Hesselthwite said...

Strictly a Science Fiction Writer??? I sense snobbery here... In the fifties (Vonnegut's period) SF was not the monolithic beast it is today, and had writers such as Vonnegut, Brian Aldis, Ray Bradbury and Theodore Sturgeon writing within it.

Sturgeon has been described as "The American Short Story Writer". Pay attention to what you discuss before your nose rises in the air.

katrina said...

I read this at uni and then at least 3 times since and I've always enjoyed it. I've never read anything else by him though..