Tuesday, November 07, 2006

116. "Naked" ~ David Sedaris

I'm biased. I can crack up when I hear his squeaky Southern drawl on National Public Radio. It really doesn't matter what he says.

In this series of short non-fiction stories, Sedaris describes his trip across the country, hitchhiking without prejudice. He meets quadripeligics, deadbeats, and Shakespeare-lovers. As always, he recreates these scenes with depth and a critical eye to humor... in this case, the deadpan silliness of being human.


4.0 out of 5.0 X.Y.Z. Cocktails.


Anonymous said...

Change your photo woman.

You will make your goal. Promise me that you'll read Lolita before the end of the year.


Les said...

I see you have Going After Cacciato on your menu. I just finished The Things They Carried and thought it was incredible. Gave it a perfect A+ rating. I'll be anxious to read your review, as I plan to read more by O'Brien.

Diana said...

Hullo, Momma!