Monday, October 30, 2006

111. "The Book Thief" ~ Markus Zusak

Someone mentioned that this was the best book of 2006. I would only hasten to add, one of the best books.

Death speaks and has a sense of humor in WWII Germany. Although his workload has significantly increased, he takes the time to study Liesel, a young girl who is adopted by a wonderful-crazy family where the mother calls everyone a filthy pig in both harsh and loving tones.

Liesel goes to Hitler's Youth meetings, plays soccer in the street, and steals books. Her desire for words is, like mine, insatiable.

Once her family takes in a young Jew and hides him in the basement, Liesel begins to see the world in grayer images. Words are powerful, yet insignificant in the face of war.

Beautifully written with astounding descriptions, this is one of the year's best. Young adult novel? Pshaw. Amazing novel.

4.85 out of 5.0 Tequila Shots, German-style.


Anonymous said...

I just finished reading this also and agree with everything you said. It was such a great book!

Les said...

I read this book a couple of weeks ago and still can't stop thinking about it. It's my #1 read for the year, if not my entire life. Go here for my review, if you like.

Anonymous said...

it was definatly the best book i read this year and i left me in tears for hours after finishing it and it leaves the reader with a long lasting impression. i would highly recommend it

MindFul MiMi said...

Hi Kristin,
I just finished reading this based on your review and I totally agree with you. I am not sure why it's categorized as a young adults book. I believe that the narrator's language is more targeting adults. I found the way the book is written to be new and interesting. His choice of language I found very rewarding and his metaphores were inspiring. The story is just a flow of events which take you along. And indeed, afterwards you cannot stop thinking about it. I wish I could write a book like that.
Thanks for the tip.