Friday, September 01, 2006

84. "The Book of Joe" ~ Jonathan Tropper

Joe Goffman uses the stories of his childhood to create a bestselling novel, which snares him literary fame, financial security, and a lasting hatred from his hometown's residents.

Not a problem, except he has to return home because his father is in a coma.

Like Terms of Endearment, this book analyzes the relationships of "home," whatever that term means. In this case, not even Joe knows the definition, but by the end of the novel he knows his own heart.

Quick, easy, light read. I always admire honesty in writing, especially when describing situations where gallows humor is appropriate. Tropper isn't afraid to "go there." While he uses the crutch of the sterotypical "girl who got away" and "black sheep of the family," it's not a bad way to pass an afternoon. Plus, it's been optioned for film, so now, as required by my own set of rules, I can go see it in theatres since I've read the book.

3.0 out of 5.0 Harvey's Bristol Cookie Houses.

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