Tuesday, August 15, 2006

77. "Jump at the Sun" ~ Kim McLarin

Grace Jefferson is living the life her enslaved great-grandmother would relish -- an educated sociologist choosing to stay home with her two daughters while her husband works at a prestigious science lab.

But after a pregnancy scare, she wonders if she is making the right choices for her own sanity. When McLarin writes of the searingly mind-numbing reality of stay-at-home parenting, she nails the truth to the cross, whether it is pretty or not. After years of reading about the joys and the blessings, it's like switching from Boone's to Champagne.

Mixing Grace's story with her grandmother's and mother's, we learn of family function and dysfunction, abandonment and freedom. What is the truth? What is anyone's truth?

I know this for a fact: Kim McLarin may be the most honest writer I've read in a long time, and while she aims to speak for African American women, she spoke for many of us wannabe super-moms.

4.25 out of 5.0 Rising Suns.

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