Sunday, June 11, 2006

56. "Lockpick Pornography" ~ Joey Comeau

1. Anger beyond norm - check.
2. Explicit, creepy sex - check.
3. Lovable Sesame Street icons used in a homo-erotic way - check.

Would-be thieves dressed as Bert and Ernie grope their way through a post-9/11, conservative, ego-centric world. Um, and there's a lot of #2.

Positives: you can read most of this book for yourself at the author's website. Comeau pulls off some great, angry lines reminiscent of Fight Club.

Negatives: seems to be the first draft of something bigger, and when I read something for leisure, I do not want to be editing.

Overall, if you think Ann Coulter is the anti-Buddha, you feel the desire the kick in your television set occasionally, and you like hardcore sex, this is your cuppa tea. Me? I'll wait for this author to allow his "mad skillz" to mature a bit. Rage is a dish best simmered for decades.

1.75 out of 5.0 Back Street Bangers.

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