Friday, May 19, 2006

47. "This Book Will Save Your Life" ~ A.M. Homes

This book will not save your life.

Faced with his own mortality, Richard Novak begins a quest to change his life. He forms new relationships with unlikely candidates: an Indian donut shop owner, a movie star, a hysterical housewife. He also tries to reform his relationships with his brother, his ex-wife, his son.

This book will not save your life.

I love how A.M. Homes is unpredictable. She allows the characters to show themselves through dialogue, oftentimes inexplicable histories and psychologies. And just when things begin to stabilize, she throws in a curve, like a horse in the middle of a sinkhole.

But this book will not save your life.

There is a reason for the title. It didn't take much contemplation to figure it out. The things I liked about Homes's writing is also the novel's downfall. The last five pages have a WTF quality. After such a crazy, loopy ride, I expected... redemption. A savior.

2.75 out of 5.0 Malibu Bay Breezes.

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