Monday, March 20, 2006

26. "The Five Gates of Hell" ~ Rupert Thomson

Moon Beach is where people go to be buried, whether in tall mausoleum-type buildings or deep under fathoms of water in ocean cemeteries.

The Five Gates of Hell is broken up into five sections, leading the reader to the common literary understanding that each section would logically relate to a gate of hell. Dante references abound. Drug use is rampant. This is the underworld of the death business, the only business that will never run out of clients.

Written in short story format, each chapter could stand on its own. The description and details are exquisite. The characters linger in the disturbing nooks of the brain. But it felt forced, in the way that a friend who only cooks mac and cheese suddenly wants you to try his petit fours. And like them.

3.75 out of 5.0 Red Deaths.

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