Wednesday, March 01, 2006

23. "The Last American Man" ~ Elizabeth Gilbert

"By the time Eustace Conway was seven years old, he could throw a knife accurately enough to nail a chipmunk to a tree. By the time he was ten, he could hit a running squirrel at fifty feeth with a bow and arrow. When he turned twelve, he went out into the woods, alone and empty-handed, built himself a shelter, and survived off the land for a week."

And so begins the love-infatuation biography of Eustace Conway, extreme ecological activist and romanticized cowboy. He owns hundreds of acres of land and tries to teach others how to live the "easier" life, a more conscious life. He preaches spirituality with nature and once painted himself with a buck's blood after a fight to the death.

But he's also hard to please. It's his way or the highway. Gilbert does an incredible job intertwining the bits of his past with his public and private personas. On one page, you will want to marry him, take care of him. On another, you will call him the worst bastard on earth.

Personable style of writing, as if she were hovering over my shoulder, whispering this wonderful story into my ear.

4.9 out of 5.0 Fuzzy Butts.

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