Sunday, February 19, 2006

I get a strange feeling when I see the name of this blog here. Most of these blogs have influenced me, either by encouraging me to write or recommending a new book. It's a hollow thump against my ribcage, a recognition of like-minded individuals. I remember feeling it during my first class as an M.F.A. student.

This is about books; mainly, my addiction to books. Plus, my preoccupation with alcoholic drinks. Occasionally, I'll mix the two and report on the results. Rarely, I'll give an update on my own writing.

I've posted my real first name. Very few who visit here don't know me. Now, you do, in that pseudo-lovefest of internet connections. Or, at least you think you do.

Will our heroine finish reading 80 books to meet her goal? Will she resort to 33 1/3? Or will she drink the cocktails found on #13, #9, and #2, then reinstate the goal of 146 books read by the end of 2006? Dun, dun, dun.

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